Department of Information Science

Stellenbosch University

Which Undergraduate Degree Programmes Can I study?

There are two routes which you can follow to study Informatics at Stellenbosch

The BCom Route

Requires Mathematics code 5 (60%)

The BCom (Management Science) is a broad degree programme offered by the Faculty of Economic and Management Science. Students do a general first year which includes a variety of subjects at the heart of the management sciences. At the outset of the second year students choose a focal area in which they specialise during years two and three of the programme. Information Systems Management is one of the focal areas which is offered.

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The BA Route

Requires Mathematics code 4 (50%) OR
Mathematical Literacy code 6 (70%).

The BA Humanities programme is a broad programme in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. The programme allows students to choose from a wide range of subjects in the areas of human thought, language, culture, art, people and society. Within this programme students can follow the subject Socio-Informatics throughout their three years of study, and the subject Organisational Informatics in their second and third year. These subject are the same as those followed by BCom students.

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both routes lead to

Bachelor of Informatics Honours

This capstone programme aims to further enhance the knowledge and skills of graduates in the field of Informatics by building upon undergraduate foundations in an intensive one-year honours programme. The programme is distinctly interdisciplinary and draws from the computer, social and management sciences.

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