Department of Information Science

Stellenbosch University

Step into the Future!

We study the design, development, adoption, use and effects of information and communication technologies in individual, organisational and societal contexts.

Our academic offering and research concern the dynamic interplay between Information Technology and the organisational or societal contexts in which it is applied.

Our undergraduate programmes focus on the domain of Information Systems and we aim to produce graduates with a strong technical skill set and a rich understanding of the operation of businesses and other socio-technical systems.

At post-graduate level we offer advanced programmes in the domain of Information and Knowledge Management practice, as well as research-oriented higher degrees.

About Us

The Department of Information Science at Stellenbosch University is an interdisciplinary academic department that studies a diverse range of themes centred around the rapid advancement and adoption of information and communication technologies in various spheres of society.

On a head count basis we deal with approximately 2 800 individual students every year. At undergraduate level our students hail from three different faculties: Economic and Management Science; Arts and Social Science; and Science. Read more about our undergraduate programme options here.

At postgraduate level the Department offers two disticnt programme streams. The first builds upon our undergraduate curriculum, while the second is tergeted at working professionals in managerial positions, and focuses on management and decision-making in knowledge-intensive organisations. Read more about our postgraduate programme options here.