Department of Information Science

Stellenbosch University

MPhil in Information and Knowledge Management

The successful completion of the KISM is a requirement for the MPhil in Information and Knowledge Management. The only accepted qualifications for entry into the MPhil (IKM) are the Postgraduate Diploma in Knowledge and Information Systems Management or the BPhil in Information and Knowledge Management (which at NQF level 8 are considered equivalent qualifications).

Note that only students who achieve at least 65% in the KISM can apply to do the MPhil (IKM). Those who fall below the 65% requirement have to do supplementary work to improve their grades.

Applicants are endorsed on the basis of an approved research proposal and supervisor availability.

Content: A full research programme

The IKM is a full research programme at NQF level 9. The entire programme consists of research executed by the student researcher under staff supervision. The outcome of the research programme is a full thesis which is externally evaluated.

It is not possible to determine exactly how long the thesis will take to complete, but part-time researchers, like MIKM students who work as well, should plan to complete it in three years.

Entry Requirements

The entry point for all entrants is the Programme in KISM (NQF level 8). Satisfactory completion of the Programme in KISM is the entry requirement for the MPhil (IKM) (NQF level 9).

Programme Enquiries

Dr Christiaan Maasdorp (Programme Coordinator)
[email protected]